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It’s time to move on and move up. You need a new job that fits your skillset or places a higher value on your work. You find a job that you are interested in, but... you need a resume. What should you put on the resume? Who will guide you? How do you know that what will be written on the resume will actually be what the hiring manager wants to see?

It takes time and patience to gather all your information. Knowing the right details to be written, what to leave out, and what to emphasize is critical for landing the job that you are hoping for. The resume must also be free of any grammatical or spelling errors.

With years of experience and hundreds of clients who were placed in high-paying positions after using our resumes, you can be confident that The Jewish Writer will do it completely right. In addition, every resume goes through an editor who double-checks the language and effectiveness to help you land that dream job.


As always, words are impactful. Your professional, polished resume will ensure that when you show up for your interview, you can easily expect to get the salary you are deserving of. 

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