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Change Is Hard

What can be hindering your prospect from making the decision in your favor?

They have reasons why they are using the current version.

They are satisfied with the current version.

There was something that pulled them to decide to use what they are using right now.

They are resistant to trying a new version.

They are nervous about trying something new.

They don't want to start with a new company.

They don't know if they can trust this new company.

When trying to get prospects to switch to your product, I address these concerns in the copy. I help them overcome these hesitations and resistance, so they are more likely to make the switch.

I ease their fears, thus making them feel comfortable with your product; they'll be certain that your version is better than their current one. I bring out your willingness to be helpful with challenges that may come up. Ultimately, with this strategy in place, I increase the likelihood of making more sales.

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